About Us

Who We Are
Ribbon Wear Company is an apparel company that both creates awareness for and contributes to charitable organizations whose purpose is to help people.
We embarked on this journey in 2005 with hopes of creating a business that becomes a model for our family, friends, and community. Wear your Ribbon apparel with pride!

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What We Do
Our mission is to improve our world by supporting causes of importance to all of us. The colored ‘ribbon’ is now a universal symbol of social and worldly consciousness, and we use apparel as a means to display and promote this significant symbol. As another means of support, Ribbon Wear Products donates 10% of every sale to a cause selected by you.
We are an apparel company that helps find a cure, create awareness, and assist a person in need. We invite you to join this wonderful effort by ordering your Ribbon apparel now!
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Ribbon Wear Company was created in November of 2005 by husband and wife team, Stephanie and Richard Roldan in Germantown, MD, a suburb of Washington D.C. It was formed as a division of Focal Element, Inc., a company owned and operated by Rich. Ribbon Wear Company is primarily a web based business, though Rich and Steph also participate in local community events as part of their passion for the business.

    A Personal Story
    We have wondered many times where our dollars go whenever we donate to charities.

    Over the period of a year, we receive countless mailers with donation requests that include pads of paper, pens, and labels, all with the hope that we donate money in return. We often receive phone calls in the evenings from solicitors asking for charitable donations. As far as we know, all of these approaches work at getting us to donate our money since we are bombarded every year with these solicitations.

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