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Ribbon Embroidery Options

Select Your Style Option

Making your Ribbon shirt more personal is a simple process that starts after you have selected the size and color of the shirt you are ordering.

We offer two distinctive Ribbon embroideries. The 4 Part Ribbon Logo and the Classic Ribbon text.

We offer these embroideries in various style combinations. The following sample picture gives you an idea of the possible embroidery options available. The actual style options are as shown on the pull down of Step 2. You need to select the style you feel most comfortable with and make sure the style option number appears in the pull down window.

After you make a selection you are ready to select the thread color.

Select Your Thread Color

There are sixteen (16) official Ribbon thread colors. We offer the 16 colors plus additional tone on tone colors corresponding to the available shirt colors.

Excluding the Tone on Tone threads, the insignia color selection is made by choosing from one of the following colors. If you are not sure what color to get, see the list under Ribbon Color Signifigance to help you decide. If you are still unsure, may we recommend the Tone on Tone where the thread color is one shade off the shirt color. (We believe this choice best compliments the garment. It looks nice and is very classy).

After you make a selection in the second part of Step 2 on the previous page you are ready to continue shopping.

Note: Adding a Custom Logo

If you choose a style from Step 1 that included “Your Logo” you will have to follow a different procedure. You will be able to continue shopping; however, we may have an additional charge depending on the uniqueness / complexity of your logo. After receiving your order we will provide you a quote based on the design and the number of units required.

  1. Call us at 1-877-860-LOVE (877-860-5683)
  2. Tell us the garment item number (located under the item name).
  3. Tell us the color desired
  4. Tell us your style option in step 2.
  5. Tell us your thread color as in step 2.
  6. Indicate the quantity desired
  7. E-mail is the desired logo to customlogo@ribbonwearcompany.com
  8. Provide us with return information including phone number and or E-mail address
  9. Wait for our prompt response with particulars.
  10. If the Logo is within our current pricing structure your order will be completed without any additional charges. If we are required to add an additional charge we will provide you with the additional amount required.

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