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Who We Are

Ribbon Wear Company is an apparel company that both creates awareness for and contributes to charitable organizations whose purpose is to help people. We embarked on this journey in 2005 with hopes of creating a business that becomes a model for our family, friends, and community. Ribbon Wear Products donates 10% of every sale to a cause selected by you. We are focused on maintaining minimal overhead costs, so that a large portion of sales (and profits) goes directly to charitable organizations.

This simple act of you wearing your shirt or sweater, for example, gives our company and your cause more exposure, leading ultimately to greater good for our world. Ribbon Wear Company can also facilitate your donation of goods and services if you would like to donate more than the proceeds from your purchase. Simply stated, when you buy a shirt, you will receive a top quality garment and you will also be making a contribution to a worthy cause. Ribbon Wear Company utilizes the universal ‘ribbon’ symbol to make an apparel line that means something. Thank you for your support in finding a cure, creating awareness, and assisting a person in need. Wear your Ribbon apparel with pride!

Steph and Rich Roldan