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Getting Involved

Throughout our history, the United States of America has been famous for its generosity and giving spirit. We aim to propagate this reputation. While buying and wearing our apparel is one way you can be a part of our mission, there are also other ways you can help.

Tell a friend

Spread the word on what we do. We recognize you hold the key to achieving our business objectives and our overall success. We need your help in getting others to become familiar with the site and informing them on what we hope to accomplish. We would appreciate the exposure with a simple e-mail to friends and family.

Support our partners

Our partners are listed on the website. Become familiar with them by reviewing their web sites, or getting involved in local events. You can also make us aware of additional organizations you recommend for partnership.


Since our primary goal is to contribute to various charities of your choice, the best way to help them is with financial support. If you are willing and able, we ask you to donate an amount you are comfortable with. You can donate directly to their website, or use our ‘donate’ direct donating link.

Purchase our products

Go shopping with us. You choose the apparel, you choose the design, you choose the cause, and we’ll do the rest. Visit us often to see what’s new!

Contact Us

Send us an E-mail on others ways you believe you can help us grow. We are open to your suggestions. info@ribbonwearcompany.com

Steph and Rich Roldan